Summer holiday and a lack of work meant it was off to visit Matt and Nick in Tokyo. I took a night bus from Toyama Station that left for Tokyo at midnight and got to Shinjuku at 6:30 in the morning. I stayed primarily on the east side this time, spending a lot of time in Nakano and Shibuya. 

That night we headed to a music practicing studio in Koenji that Matt and his friends rented out for the evening to play some loud music while having some friends come over. With how crowded Tokyo living spaces are, people have to seek out these places or head out to the riverside to practice instruments to avoid the shit from annoyed neighbors who want some quiet time. There were several soundproof rooms in the crowded building set up so bands can come in and play without disturbing each other and eventually we spilled out from our studio and into the hall as the room was too damn hot.

After we finished cleaning up the place, we were back out in the city heading home among the wandering and lingering drunks not ready to retire for the night.