Randy, You Idiot (Chapter 1291) - SF 6-Hour Run

Photo courtesy of PCTR.

As a wrap-up of our 8-month race season together in Gilroy, Jose and I ran the Summer Solstice 6 Hour Endurance Run at Chrissy Field in San Francisco, put on by PC Trail Runs. This would be a fitting farewell gift to myself after the past 10 months in Gilroy, building back up to marathon and ultra-marathon form after taking nearly a year off running in 2013. 

In May, I had to back down the 50k distance and drop to the marathon mid-race at Big Basin in Santa Cruz, so the 6 hour would be my last chance at going long knowing my running would be cut short going back and working in Japan again.

The race counts all laps, measured at a little over one mile per lap, completed within six hours towards your final total. We kept it at a good conversational pace, picked it up in the middle, munched at our pit stop nearly every lap and stuck it out until the end. Jose pushed the pace the last five miles and with four minutes left, had built a big gap between us. I stopped at the finish line knowing another mile wouldn't be possible, but Jose ran his final lap, and the fastest mile of the day, at 6:54 to try for 40 miles. He crossed the finish line a second over 6 hours, but earned that mile and second place podium spot with an insane final lap.

6 hours and 39 miles later, we were a little darker in tone than when we started. Another top three finish to wrap up the first half of 2015 and end on a good note before heading to Japan.

Jose's final total and first ten lap splits...

...and mine. Pretty even throughout until the last hour or so.

A little darker than before.