A few days after coming back from Mt. Fuji, we hit the road again and headed to the west side of Aomori. The City of Goshogawara hosts the Tachineputa Festival every summer, bringing crowds of tourists to the prefecture to check out some amazing floats that can't be seen anywhere else. 

The event lacked a lot of signs telling drivers where to go or park. While the city isn't large, driving in any downtown area in any part of Japan, especially for the first time, can get confusing. One way streets, blind corners, and odd intersections are a few of the fun maze-like features that await drivers in the old city. As we made our way out to the city, we found parking down at the riverbank and then walked back in.

We made it in time and lined up along the sidewalk as people began to set up tarps and folding chairs to get a good view of the parade. As sun was setting, we could hear the faint sound of drums beating in the the distance. Our viewing spot was near a turn in the parade route, covered by a tall building which obstructed our view of what was slowly moving down the road. As floats came near, the buildings glowed from the reflection of their bright lights before as they appeared from behind the building and turned the corner, each preceded and followed by dancers and drummers. 

As the last of the floats made their way past us, the crowds dispersed and crowded the streets heading in all directions. We walked toward the start and finish area to check out the floats one last time as they were making their way back around towards the storage area before heading home.

Twin look is still in.