This year's long Golden Week continued with a trip to the Karumai Forest Park in neighboring Iwate Prefecture. The Town of Karumai is only about 30 miles away, heading south into the rolling hills that make up the majority of the area. We were a few days too early for the tulips - about half of the garden was ready. The evening arrival to the park meant fewer people and the food stalls were ready to pack up and head home for the day.

We were able to further test out Mint's Instaflex TLR camera. The camera brought out disappointing results during the trip to Hitachi, but holding a filter awkwardly over the lens saved the photos on today's trip to the tulips. I'll write more about the camera and its issues a little later, but when it works it produces some of the sharpest photos on the Instax format I've seen. We received a set of polarizer filters including the close us lens attachment from Mint a few days ago, so we'll be back to testing out the camera more in the coming weeks.