Kyoto Marathon

Not many photos during my last trip to Kyoto. This visit was primarily business. Business being running a solid race at the Kyoto Marathon. I left the cold winter wonderland of Aomori and headed south to the cold winter wonderland of Kyoto. I've learned in my occasional trips to Kyoto that the city can be a cold place and isn't that much warmer than other places in Japan with more snow. The night before the race, the snow was coming down and I wondered if things would be okay. In fact, they were. I ran the best 42km of my life, finishing the race in 3:01:50 despite the hilly second half and a bit of rain mid-race.

I don't know how I ran that well. I messed up my knee pretty bad running in December with running Jose and snowy Aomori didn't give me many days to run. I put in four days of running outside from January to race day with the rest being nights in my living room aboard the turbo trainer mounted bike watching TV. I won't try to repeat that training for another marathon, but I felt pretty good on the course with the usual cursing happening about 20 miles in.